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Pre-K to 12th Grade School Teams

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Receive 25% back from all donations raised by the team:


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Eligible Pre-K to 12th Grade schools in South Florida have the opportunity to create a school team and receive 25% back from all donations raised by the team. Proceeds received are to be used in support of special needs programming and services at the school. Individual participants interested in having their DMF WalkAbout Autism & Expo fundraising efforts benefit a particular school are able to do so only as direct members of the official school team they want to support.  

To be eligible for the 25% reimbursement, school teams must meet the following:

1) Be a Pre-K to 12th Grade institution located in South Florida

2) Raise a minimum of $100.  All donations collected by the school team need to be submitted to The Dan Marino Foundation by 03/01/2017.

3) Submit written statement from the school principal/director, assistant principal or other top school administrator granting the school team captain permission to open a team on behalf of the school.  This statement should also include the school's commitment to use proceeds received from this effort in support of autism and or special needs programming at the school.

Send via email to: or fax to 954.530.4325.

The subject of your email/fax should include your school name and the words “Statement of Intent”, i.e. Goddard High School, Statement of Intent.  

All letters must be received before February 24th, 2017

Note: If special needs and or autism programing is not available at your school, we still encourage you to participate in this effort and create a school team!  If this is the case, all proceeds raised by the school team will benefit this community effort directly.  

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Ready to get your school team started?

 Follow these easy steps:

  1. Secure written permission from your school principal/director to open a team on behalf of the school.
  2. Select a team captain and pick a name for your team.
  3. Visit our online registration page to open the school team. Make sure that they indicate in the registration process that they are a Pre-K to 12th Grade School Team and have the following information handy: School Name, School Address, Name of School Principal/Director.
  4. Invite your school colleagues, students (or classmates), parents and friends to join your school team and start fundraising!  Get creative and remember that 25% of the proceeds raised will go back to the school!